17 April 2021


This Sex, Gender, and Attraction Code (“SGA Code”) seeks to emulate the 1990s-era “Geek Code” [link] which boiled “geekdom” down into a simplified block of text to be shared on message boards and in signatures. It existed for the purpose of showing off your credentials in a way that was both brief and obfuscated for those “not in the know”.

In the current day and age, the Geek Code is mostly forgotten. Many people seem to prefer to communicate by images rather than text, and emoji are a common occurrence across almost all platforms. Text-based messaging seems to be mostly preferred to those who remember the bygone days of dial-up and high latency connections.

But in the realm of emerging sexualities, genders, and varying types of attractions, there is a place for a resurgence of a different type of Code. Instead of a block of text that denotes your geek-credentials, we have a need for one that brings brevity to your gender, attraction, and sexual identity (at least, to the degree that you wish to share it). There are as many ways to be identified or attracted to others as there are “geekdoms”, and with that mindset I have begun to create this project.

These codes are not meant to be stagnant. They are as temporary as the tides, subject to ebbs and flows of our status in the world and our connections with those around us. My personal geek credentials grew and changed as I grew and changed, and so too is this SGA Code meant to grow and change with you.

In honor of the Geek Code, I have drafted this version 0.1.1 as a guide to assembling your own SGA Code block in the nostalgic style of early html websites and fixed-width font.

This version is not meant to be the final version. This basis itself needs to be as subject to change as the world. While I do not know how many actual versions of the original Geek Code existed, the last version I am aware of was v3.12 in 1996. But I cannot advance that far alone, and for that reason I ask for your feedback.

If you would like to provide contributions in the form of suggestions, comments, critiques, complaints, or otherwise, you may do so at [link], which is a survey in a far less nostalgic format.

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